Jesus Jams

Hi Friends!

So, if you have read my post, entitled Jesus Time, you might have noticed that I kind of have a thing for music. One of my all-time favorite things to do is to find new music that I can worship and spend time with Jesus to.  I typically end up going in phases, binging on certain songs for a time as they apply to my season and/or situations.

This has never been truer than now. If you read my other post (Delight Yo’ Self) you will know that I am going through a season that is really stretching. On one hand I am uber excited because I know on the other side that Jesus will have something amazing for me, better than what I can even imagine at this very moment. I also know that this testing of my faith will produce perseverance, and as perseverance works in me, I will end up mature, complete, lacking nothing (James 1:3-4). But in the meantime, I need a lot of reminding.  I mean A LOT.  This flesh of mine has had so much time leading and directing my life and does not take to the backseat without a fight.

When I feel my flesh rising up, trying to bring emotions and thoughts that do not align with what the Lord promises, I turn to three things: The Word, Holy Conversation (aka prayer) and worship.  This month I have created a playlist that is full of songs that help refocus my mind and spirit. These songs help me to step outside of my circumstances and into the Presence of God. Some are popular, some are not. Some are quiet and some are loud. Some are soulful and some are folk-y. Some sound like the songs we sing in church on a Sunday and some don’t. But all help remind me that God is good and has good things for me; they all help me remember that God is great, holding all power in His hand, able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above anything I can ask.

So I thought I would share my playlist with you.  Perhaps you find yourself needing to be reminded of God’s faithfulness this holiday season. Maybe you need to redirect your focus to trusting in our Heavenly Father instead of the things of this world. Or you might just want to check out what I am currently listening to during my Jesus Time. Whatever it is, I hope you can find something that ministers to your spirit and draws you into a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Worship Playlist (check it out here with Spotify)

Fall Afresh by Kari Jobe also check out The Belonging Co. version

Build My Life by Housefires

You Alone by North Point Inside Out

More by Red Rocs Worship

Still Waters by Stephanie Alessi

Simple Pursuit by Passion

I Am No Victim by Kristene Dimarco

Peace be Still (feat. Lauren Daigle) by The Belonging Co.

Jesus, We Love You (live) by Bethel Music

Be Still by Travis Greene

Power to Redeem by Lauren Daigle.