You Were on Purpose, I Make no Mistakes

Inspired by Psalm 139:1-18

You were on purpose. I make no mistakes

A masterpiece, I took my time to create

Your name I knew before time began

Everything about you, intentional, and perfectly planned

I have seen you, walked with you, every step you haven taken

When you thought you were alone, greatly, you were mistaken

You are the apple of my eye, my most prized possession

My child. My daughter. My greatest obsession.

You were on purpose. I make no mistakes

I’m always with you, whether asleep or awake.

I formed you. I made you. In my image you stand

How precious are my thoughts for you, so sweet and so grand.

My workmanship is marvelous, how well I know it.

You are my prize, my treasure, my absolute favorite.

So wonderfully complex, yes believe, it is true

Deliberately unique, there is no one like you.

You were on purpose. I make no mistakes

You, my sweetheart, I will never forsake

I made you to laugh, to be YOU, can’t you see?

It was all my idea, so run and be free

In the storms of your life, you have always prevailed

For I was with you. I was there. I was your anchor and sail.

I heard when you called, so sad and dismayed

Remember I answered, “Daddy’s here. Don’t be afraid”.

You were on purpose. I make no mistakes.

I will never leave you. A promise I won’t break.

I was not counting the times you fell in shame

Have you forgotten? It was I who took your blame

I saw you being formed in your mothers womb

You were worth it all. For you I went to that tomb

Isn’t it obvious? Can’t you see this is true?

That you were on purpose. Not a mistake. So beautifully you.

Bethany Taylor

Bethany Taylor is mother to two amazing boys and wife to Simon. She is an actress and comedian. She and Simon are active leaders at The City Church Ventura campus. For more of her stories and plenty of laughs, you can check out her youtube channel, Honestly Bethany.

Top Photo by Meiying Ng on Unsplash



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