Shaped By The Potter: An Eyebrow Story

I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and looked at myself. Nothing about me said, “cool”. Not my heather gray uniform shirt with its big purple letters emblazoned across the front, announcing to the world that I was, indeed, a student at Alder Middle School. Not my short, adult haircut that said, “I belong on someone’s mom.” And definitely not the wire-rimmed glasses with scratched lenses and stretched-beyond-repair arms. I took my glasses off and straddled the toilet. I let out a low sigh and grabbed the razor. I was gonna do something about these eyebrows. I leaned forward, inches from the mirror. Armed with the razor, I went in. A little underneath on the left, a little underneath on the right. A little at the end on the right, a little at the end on the left. Back and forth for what seemed like hours until finally, I felt satisfied. And then… leaned back for a full view of my newly coifed eyebrows. Oh. My. God. What was left of my eyebrows was atrocious. I had half of one eyebrow and three-quarters of the other. And not even a good three-quarters. I turned around on the toilet, facing the wall, and leaned back. My hands went to my mouth and I let out a silent scream. 
Sometimes life is just like that fateful day in 7th grade. We recognize something about ourselves that we don’t like or that we’ve compared to someone else and we just start hacking away at it. We don’t stop to ask God what He thinks of us or even to consider the goodness and the richness of that quality. We just see bushy eyebrows. But we are so much more than the make-up of our personality or our intelligence or our beauty. We are holy and unblemished, as Paul says in Ephesians 1:4 (NET).
“For He chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world that we may be holy and unblemished in His sight in love.”
We were chosen even before the heavens and the earth. We were never an afterthought; He laid out the world for the sake of enjoying it with us. Of course, we’re always growing and learning how we can better serve the kingdom, but stop today, and make sure that you’re hacking away at sin and not the splendor created at the hand of the potter.
Ask yourself these questions:
What trait are you currently battling with today? 
Is it because you haven’t fully accepted it as an asset or is it because God is weeding a particular sin from your life?
Prayer: Lord, you made me. You know me better than I know myself. Show me how You’ll use those parts of me that I find frustrating. Grow me, use me, every part of me. Let me be who I was created to be, a beautiful reflection of You. 
xo Megan
Megan Glenn
Top Photo by Shane Albuquerque on Unsplash

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